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HLG Propagator

HLG Propagator

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The HLG Propagator LED grow light is a game-changer for indoor propagation, featuring a low profile design and optimal spectrum for healthy seedlings and clones. With a high efficiency and low heat output, this light is perfect for small scale propagation and early vegetative growth.

The HLG Propagator lamp is designed for greens and clones. This lamp uses 132pcs Samsung LM301H LED in 4000K spectrum. Equivalent to 80W T5. Passive-cooled 4ft length provides widespread coverage. 30 watts and Samsung LED provides higher output than most clone lamps that run at only 20 watts.

Beautiful, elegant, and lightweight. Ideal for cloning over a 4' area.

Top Features

  • White Light Full Spectrum for better results
  • Non-Dimmable Power Supply
  • Daisy Chain-able
  • Power cord included


Power 30 Watts
AC Voltage Range 90 VAC to 120 VAC
AC Current 0.4A @120V
Cloning Footprint 2' x 4'
Total output 55 PPF
Dimensions 48" x 1.5" x 1.5"
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