Mesa County Japanese Beetle Eradication Plan: Protecting Our Community and Environment

Mesa County Japanese Beetle Eradication Plan: Protecting Our Community and Environment

Mesa County has recently announced an eradication plan to address the Japanese Beetle infestation in the area. In this article, we will provide an overview of the Mesa County Japanese Beetle Eradication Plan and discuss how the county is working to protect our community and environment from this invasive pest.


Infestation Area:

The infestation area is located within the borders of 24 Road and Horizon Drive between G Road and H Road. Properties outlined in red on the Japanese Beetle Trapping Heat Map are subject to eradication efforts. Homeowners in this area will be contacted to give their consent for Mesa County to complete free Japanese Beetle grub control treatments on their lawn. Those who already receive grub control treatments from a commercial lawn care company will have the cost covered by Mesa County.


Eradication Plan:

Mesa County Commissioners have declared Japanese Beetle as a public nuisance pest requiring control or eradication. The county's Noxious Weed and Pest Management is working with industry and government entities to implement eradication efforts and support property owners. The county has approved funding to cover the cost of grub control treatments in the area where the Japanese Beetle infestation has been identified.


Grub Control Treatment:

Public parks in the City and County will receive grub treatments. Property owners in the infestation area will be sent an informational letter and consent form to allow grub control treatment on their property. The county will approve a contract for turf management companies to complete treatments in the infected area, and these companies will include grub control in their turf management plans for current customers in the infested area. The cost of these treatments will be reimbursed by Mesa County.

The first round of Mesa County funded grub treatments will occur during the months of April-June, with follow-up treatments possibly taking place in August and September. Mesa County funded treatments will be completed by a licensed and registered commercial applicator.


Information and Resources:

Property owners outside of the infestation area can prevent Japanese Beetle establishment in their area by completing grub control treatments with homeowner formulations or contacting a local turf management company. Educational support is being provided by Colorado State University Extension Services.


Trapping and Monitoring:

Trapping and monitoring are being provided by the Colorado Department of Agriculture. Homeowners can consent to have a monitoring trap placed on their property by completing the Consent Form. Trapping completed in 2023 will inform ongoing eradication plans, and the effectiveness of treatments can be determined based on 2023 and 2024 trapping numbers.



The Mesa County Japanese Beetle Eradication Plan aims to protect our community and environment from the threat of Japanese Beetles. By working together and implementing effective control measures, we can help to safeguard our local ecosystems and prevent the spread of this invasive pest.

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