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Rainbow Blue Corn Seeds

Rainbow Blue Corn Seeds

Zea mays

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'Rainbow Blue' Corn is an exquisite blue, pink, red, and white speckled corn perfect for making flour. An evolving landrace of native corns selected for 10+ years in Colorado. Its indigenous lineage includes Hopi Blue, Millenium (bred from Painted Mountain), Oaxacan Green Dent, Oaxacan Blue, Hopi Pink, Navajo Robin's Egg, Anasazi, and more. Excellent flour corn for making masa; Christmas tamales! — 100 DTM.

DAYS TO MATURITY: 100 day(s)

1 PACK: approx. 100 seed(s)



  • Diverse Genepool
  • Drought Tolerant
  • Rare
  • Ideal for Preppers & Survivalists

Growing Instructions

Seed Saving

Harvest corn when the kernels are hard and glossy — a good indicator is when your fingernail will not dent the kernels, usually as the leaves are drying. Shuck the husks and spread out the cobs in a dry, well ventilated area to cure and fully dry on the cob for several weeks.

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